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Wondering about an upcoming event or activity? What’s on the menu? How to submit a work order? Who to call? You’ll find all the answers right here.

Whether it’s joining in activities, getting in touch with your creative side or volunteering your talents, there are many ways to get involved at Evergreen.

  • Art Committee
  • Evergreen Boards (Evergreen, Inc., Evergreen Village, Evergreen Foundation)
  • Employee Appreciation Committee
  • Health & Wellness Committee
  • Grounds Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Manor Mart
  • Residents Council
  • Spiritual Life Committee

Guests are now allowed to return to The GardenSide & Pub67. Please note the following:
• The capacity remains at 50%
• Reservations are strongly encouraged
• All social distancing guidelines remain in place

Order Online

Click Here for the Online Ordering Instructional Document

Takeout or meal pick up is available for all residents. We are also offering meal delivery to resident accommodations for no charge until further notice.  To place a delivery order or a pick up order call (920) 237-6263 or Click here to order online.

The GardenSide
  • Open daily, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.
  • Special occasion menus and buffets offered on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day. Due to popularity, reservations are required for these special occasions.
  • Private dining in The Trellis room seats up to 24 people for resident parties and special gatherings.
  • A variety of delicious desserts are offered daily in The GardenSide.
The GardenSide Menu The GardenSide Specials November 29-December 5, 2021 The GardenSide Lunch Combo Special
Pub 67

Open daily, 11:30 am – 7:00 pm

Pub 67 Menu
Creekview Café –  Closed until further notice
  • Quick and convenient dining in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a meal or snack indoors in the Café, outside in the courtyard or to-go.
  • Daily specials available.
Garden Heights and Manor View
  • Breakfast is made to order daily from 7:30 – 9:00 AM
  • Otherwise a Continental breakfast menu is available for residents of Garden Heights and Manor View.

Garden Heights and Manor View Continental Breakfast Menu

Creekview Rehabilitation Center
  • General menus designed specifically for short-term rehab residents.
  • Special menus available for those with specific dietary needs:
    • Gluten-free
    • Low cholesterol
    • No concentrated sweets
    • Mechanical soft
    • Renal diet
How do I place a work order?
WorxHub Work Order Instructions

Worx Hub is an easy and convenient way to submit requests for maintenance and grounds requests via your computer or phone.

Worx Hub requires a user name and password. To obtain and user name & password please call the Resident & Guest Services at (920) 233-2340 and ask for Kristine. Kristine will be able to assign a unique user name and assist you with choosing a password. Once you have your log-in information, you will be able to access the Worx Hub from any location.

Click Here to begin Worx Hub.

Resident & Guest Services

(920) 233-2340
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Weekend, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Holiday Hours – will vary
After hours emergency: press 1
After hours non-emergency: press 5 to leave a message

TTY Text Telephone – for those with hearing impairment devices
(920) 237-3171


Campus Health Services (independent and assisted living)
Campus Health Nurse
(920) 237-6260

Creekview North
(920) 237-6201

Creekview Rehab
(920) 237-6211

Evergreen At Home – Home Health

To speak to a care adviser, please call: (844) 654-7600

Evergreen At Home

To speak to a care adviser, please call: (920) 237-2155

Therapy Services

Anne Ventura or Debbie Dorn
(920) 237-2163

Fitness and Aquatic Center

Ashley Wagner, Manager
(920) 237-2160

Dining Services

Jason Knoll, Culinary Services Manager
(920) 237-2145

For meal reservations:
Julie Bishop, Diet and Nutrition Coordinator
(920) 237-2146

For meal pick up or delivery orders:
(920) 237-6263

Life Enrichment

Caitlyn Scott, Manager
(920) 237-2174

Spiritual Services

Pastor Steve Wood
(920) 237-2153


Tech@Home – Call Resident & Guest Services to request service
(920) 233-2340

Onsite Hours for appointments are:

Monday – 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Wednesday – 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Friday – 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Maintenance & Grounds

Tom Tuchscherer, Facilities Manager
(920) 237-2147


Theresa Brockman, Vice President Marketing and Business Development
(920) 237-2128

Julie Wetzel, Residency Coordinator
(920) 237-2122

Erin Seiser, Marketing Communications Coordinator
(920) 237-2125

Billing Services

Bill Krueger, Business Resources Manager
(920) 237-2111


Kristine Biesenthal, Volunteer Resources Coordinator
(920) 237-2126

Evergreen Foundation

Sarah Averkamp, Foundation Advancement Director
(920) 237-2120

Living Options Managers and Staff

Independent Living – Village, Homes, Apartments
Jill Walters, Housing Coordinator
(920) 237-2175

Assisted Living – Garden Place, Garden Terrace, Garden Heights, Manor View
Stacey Lichtensteiger, Manager
(920) 237-6220

Evergreen Memory Care – ShareHaven
Rebecca Savka, Manager
(920) 237-6230

Creekview North
Kelly Rollo, Manager
(920) 237-6210

Kristin Kluz, Social Services Specialist
(920) 237-6214

Creekview South and Creekview Rehabilitation Center at Evergreen
Jane Peters, Manager
(920) 237-6240

Chris Wenzel, Social Services Specialist
(920) 237-6245

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from residents and families.

1. How do I access the Wireless Internet?
Search for available Wi-Fi networks and click on the one called ERC_Guest. Once connected, open the Internet. At the prompt on the screen, hit the grey button that says accept terms. Once you have done that it will redirect you to an Evergreen Thank You page and you are then connected to the internet.


2. Are there computers residents can use?
Yes, there are computers available for residents to use in the following locations: Courtyard Hearth Room, Manor North Lounge, Manor South Lounge & Neta Library. Log in instructions are located at each computer.


3. How will I get my mail?
If you live in the Village or Evergreen Homes, your mail will be delivered by the Post Office to your private mailbox. If you live in the Manor Apartments, Courtyard Apartments, Garden Place or Garden Terrace, mail will be sorted by Resident & Guest Services staff and placed in your locked mailbox in the Fireside Lounge. Mail for all other residents will be sorted by staff and delivered right to your room.


4. Can I have a newspaper delivered?
If you desire a newspaper subscription, you must order it directly from the newspaper. If you live in the Village or Evergreen Homes, use your personal address and it will be delivered to your building or home. If you live in the Courtyard, Manor, Garden or Creekview Buildings, use the Front Office address, 1130 N Westfield Street, and include your apartment or room number when ordering. Then notify Resident & Guest Services that you will receive the paper. If you live at ShareHaven, provide the ShareHaven address, 1095 N Westfield Street, and alert the staff that you have ordered the paper.


5. What should I do if I have questions about my appliances, TV, cable service, temperature control, etc.?
Our maintenance crew can help you learn how to use your appliances, cable services and other equipment as well as assist when things go wrong. Submit a work order through Worx Hub  or call (920) 233-2340 to schedule services.


6. How do I get private telephone service?
You may want a cell phone for convenience, or you may prefer a landline. In either case, if you’d like personal phone service, please make arrangements directly with your provider of choice.

If you choose a landline, some providers will encourage you to purchase a package that includes Internet service. Keep in mind that Evergreen provides free wireless internet on our campus, so it may be a duplication of services. Evergreen’s wireless Internet is redundant which means we have two different services online at all times and when one fails we automatically switch to the other connection. But there is the chance that on occasion our wireless service may be interrupted. Internet service through your phone line would not be affected at those times, so you may feel there is some benefit to having your own Internet service through your land line.

Spectrum – (833) 697-7328
Spectrum offers landline service for Evergreen Residents that should cost around $12-$30 per month as part of the Evergreen Bundle Package price.

After the voice prompts, ask for sales. You will need to set up an account, unless you already have one established, and be sure that the associate knows that you are giving them the address for Evergreen Retirement Community. If you have a phone number that you would like to transfer from your existing phone carrier let them know. If not they will assign you a new phone number. Please work with Spectrum to set up a day and time for a technician hook up your new land line.

Please note the sales person may try to get you to upgrade or add in Internet or Cable services, you will not need those as those are already provide by Evergreen.

AT&T – (800) 288-2020
Landline service through AT&T should cost $15-30 per month, depending on the options you choose for local and long distance calls.

The salesperson may try to up-sell you to the U-Verse package, which includes Internet service and or cable. You will not need these as Evergreen already provides internet and Cable. If the representative will not allow phone service only then you may have to ask to speak to a supervisor.

If you have a phone number that you would like to transfer from your existing phone carrier let them know. If not they will assign you a new phone number. Please work with AT&T to set up a day and time for a technician hook up your new land line.


Verizon, US Cellular, and others offer land line options and they may be called “home phone” service. Contact providers for available options and pricing.


7. What if I have a problem with my land line phone?
Please contact your personal phone provider for problems with your phone. If you notice a problem with an Evergreen phone located in common areas or in Creekview Rehabilitation Center resident rooms, please report it to the Front Office or the Creekview Rehabilitation Center staff.


8. Are their computers that residents can use?
Residents have access to computers located in the following common spaces: Manor North Lounge, Manor South Lounge, Neta Library and the Courtyard Building Hearth Room. Log on credentials are located at each computer.


9. Are grocery shopping services offered to residents?
Yes, Residents can arrange grocery shopping services through Resident & Guest Services either in person or by calling (920) 233-2340.


10. Can my family or friends visit overnight?
Yes, your guests are welcome! Evergreen has a guest house with two bedrooms (one with 2 twin beds and another with a double bed) that can be reserved for family or friends of Evergreen residents. Contact the Resident & Guest Services at (920) 233-2340 to make a room reservation. If it is not available we are very close in proximity to many nice hotels.


11. How do I reserve a room to host a personal gathering?
Evergreen has several room options for you to host a personal party, meeting or other gathering. There is no charge for reserving a room, but it is important to reserve the appropriate space as early as possible. The Trellis is a private dining room in The GardenSide restaurant and accommodates up to 24 people. The Behnke Center is located in the lower level and offers space for larger gatherings. With the adjoining Commons kitchen, it is convenient for preparing and serving food. Several meeting rooms in the lower level are also available, including the Resident Community Room, Elmer Harvey Room and the larger Rowland Rooms. Contact the Resident & Guest Services at (920) 233-2340 to make a room reservation.


12. How do I order food to go or for delivery?
Menus can be viewed online for The GardenSide restaurant & Pub67 in our resident portal under the dinning tab and you can place an order either in person, by phone or online. If you are placing your order by phone please call: (920) 237-6263


13. Can I have a Resident Fund Account?
Keeping large amounts of cash in Resident’s accommodation is discouraged. Resident may deposit funds into a Resident Fund Account at Resident and Guest Services. A Resident Fund Delegation Form must be completed before deposits may be accepted.

There is no charge for this service. Funds may be withdrawn at Resident and Guest Services desk during regular business hours. For withdrawals over $50, advance written notice is requested. Quarterly statements are provided. Resident Fund Accounts with an average daily balance greater than $50 in a given month will receive interest thereon. The interest is posted monthly.

Contact Resident and Guest Services either in person or at (920) 233-2340 to make arrangements.


14. What is the Severe Weather Procedure?
Click Here to Read the Evergreen Severe Weather Procedure


15. What is the Fire Procedure?
Click Here to Read the Evergreen Fire Procedure


16. Can I have a pet?
Click Here to review Evergreen’s Pet Policy. For more questions please call the Independent Living Housing Coordinator at (920) 237-2175.


17. Can I have a Scooter?
Click Here to review Evergreen’s Scooter Policy. For more questions please call the Independent Living Housing Coordinator at (920) 237-2175.


18. What is a CarePoint?
Click Here to learn more about what CarePoint is and view some frequently asked questions about it.

Many Evergreen events are recorded and rebroadcast on Evergreen’s in-house television station, EVTV. The station also includes announcements, event information, menus and other helpful information for residents.

  • Access EVTV from any TV on our campus.
  • In-house programming can be found on digital channel 126.955 or Spectrum channel 955.
Cable TV Channel Guide EVTV Program Schedule*

*Schedule is subject to change.

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