Long-term care

elderly sportswoman exercising with medicine ball in green park

Evergreen’s Medicare-certified, licensed skilled nursing facility, Creekview Health Center, offers long-term, palliative care and end-of-life services for those needing the highest level of personal care. The Creekview Health Center features an innovative, nationally recognized household design with living spaces much like residents’ previous homes.

Long-term care services are available to residents of Evergreen on a priority basis, as well as to people living in Oshkosh and surrounding cities.

Creekview Health Center is made up of 6 households, that includes 34 private and 12 semi-private rooms with private half-baths, with 9-11 residents per household.

Daily Fees

Medicare or insurance may pay for a portion of the costs listed above.

Wisconsin Bed Tax Assessment of $170/month is not included in the above rates.

Skilled Nursing at Evergreen includes…

Services available at additional cost



This is a confidential application for admission. Completion of this application is not a guarantee of placement. It will be used to assist in determining how to meet the medical, social and psychosocial needs of the potential resident.

Monthly income
I certify that the assets listed above will be available for use toward future expenses at Evergreen. Any misrepresentations could result in termination of the Residency Agreement. All information in this application is the truth to the best of my knowledge.

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