Active Threat Drill

Active Threat Drill

Evergreen will be working with the Oshkosh Police Department (OPD) to perform an active threat drill between 8:00 am – 2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 12th. An “active threat” is defined as any incident that creates an immediate risk or presents imminent danger to our community. The drill is being conducted to support emergency preparedness efforts for both Evergreen and the OPD.

We ask that residents do NOT attempt to observe this drill as it is designed for staff training purposes.

What to expect on Tuesday, March 12th:

  • A large police and emergency response presence on the Evergreen campus
  • Barricades and caution tape to identify and block various locations
  • Meeting rooms and activity spaces closed
  • Commotion and noise may be heard throughout the drill
  • Announcements over the paging system with reminders that the events taking place are only a drill


The drill will be performed in the lower level of the Manor building, please avoid the following areas during this time:

  • The Behnke Center
  • Ageless Art Center
  • Lapidary
  • Commons Kitchen
  • Resident Community Room
  • Maintenance Shop and Offices
  • Human Resources Offices

*Please see the calendar on the Resident Portal for any event/activity updates

If you have a vehicle parked in the underground garage, please note:

  • The entrance ramp to underground parking will be closed from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
    • If returning to Evergreen during this time, please park in one of the Westfield St. lots until the ramp reopens after 2:00 pm
  • The exit ramp will remain open at all times
  • The underground garage will only be accessible through the Courtyard building, all Manor access will be closed for the duration of the drill

If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Theresa Brockman at (920) 237-2128.