Doctor Experience Survey for UWO

Brian Lilly, Professor at UW Oshkosh is requesting our Independent Living residents feedback through a survey he is conducting. He is asking that theĀ  surveys be completed and returned by September 1, 2022.

Feel free to read the informational sheet he has provided about the survey & study he is conducting by Clicking Here

You canĀ  take this survey online, the by clicking on the following link:

If you prefer to take this survey on paper you can print the survey out your self by Clicking Here to open the PDF version of the survey. You can also pick a copy of the survey up from Resident & Guest Services.

Please Return all completed paper survey to Resident and Guest Services by September 1st.

Participating is optional and we appreciate your time and opinions.

  • Bryan Lilly, Professor, UW Oshkosh,, (920) 424-7201 (university phone)
  • Mike Tippins, Professor, UW Oshkosh