The monarch butterflies are coming! 

Join us to learn more about how you can help monitor these beautiful butterflies. Monitoring will be done during June, July and August.  This is a great chance to get outside and enjoy the summer, friends and likeminded neighbors while contributing to the understanding of monarch distribution and migration.

May 28th at 2:30 pm in the Behnke Center

We are looking forward to another successful summer of monitoring monarch eggs and caterpillars.  This will be Evergreen’s 3rd year of working with the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, a partnership of the Monarch Joint Venture and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, a citizen science research project focusing on monarch conservation.

For questions or more information call:  Gail Bullard (254) 396-4143 or Barbara Bowlus (920) 385-7736