Thirty-five acres of nature's abundance

Enjoy year-round outdoor landscapes

Maintained year-round by our experienced grounds staff, expansive outdoor spaces offer lively choices for a variety of recreational activities.

Walk, bike, or jog through 7 acres of natural beauty on Evergreen's nature trail. Find hundreds of species of flora and lots of interesting wildlife. 

Join the Evergreen Garden Club and do a little gardening on your own in our outdoor raised garden area - convenient and accessible box gardening for residents who want to grow fresh vegetables.

Maybe outdoor games interest you! Gather a group and play some bocce ball on our outdoor court.

Stroll a multitude of flower gardens and find an assortment of usual favorites as well as several special unique varieties. Take a break in Garden Grove to enjoy the babbling water stream.
Grounds Coordinator Chris Bellin is an available resource for plant identification, diagnosis, and consultation for private garden areas on the Evergreen campus. As a resident, you may have a particular need for groundskeeping near your home.  Click here to submit a work request to our groundskeepers.


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