Building Services-Support You Can Depend On

Keeping our campus safe and comfortable

It's important that you feel at home at Evergreen. At move-in, our skilled building services crew will welcome you with the assistance you need to get settled in. Hanging your pictures, disposing of your packing and moving materials, and coordinating the connections of your electronic devices will help make you comfortable more quickly. After that, as part of our family, you can count on building services to provide ongoing, helpful support including

  • orientation to the use of mechanical controls such as heat and appliances;
  • providing appropriate recycling receptacles;
  • providing severe weather supplies such as weather radios and battery-operated lanterns in the Village and Homes;
  • scheduled trash pick-up;
  • maintenance of facility equipment such as emergency lighting and fire safety systems;
  • seasonal maintenance of heating/cooling systems, filters, and other equipment.


CarePoint, Evergreen's wireless emergency assistance system, provides coverage over the entire campus for independent and some assisted living residents. You may stroll independently as you wish with the assurance that someone will assist you should you need emergency help. By activating the pendant or bracelet, CarePoint allows a resident in need of medical assistance to alert staff.  Building services and nursing staff members have been trained to appropriately respond to health-related events anywhere on campus, therefore minimizing response time.


Your safety is our primary concern. In conjunction with our security cameras, our timed door-locking system, InFront, helps monitor the traffic moving in and out of the Manor Building. A key fob individually assigned to most residents provides a wireless, keyless means to easily gain entry to the Manor Building after hours. 

Fitness and Aquatic Center Specialties

Our building services department

  • has certified pool operators on staff;
  • maintains our pools with a UV system which helps with sanitation and reduces costs in chemical usage;
  • maintains hydronic in-floor heating systems in the aquatic center changing rooms and within the pool areas.

For your non-emergency building services needs, you may leave a work request message at (920) 237-2158 or use The Worx Hub to submit a work order electronically.

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