Lapidary Shop

Perhaps you'd like a shiny new hobby

Lapidary, the cutting and polishing of stones for use in jewelry making and creating decorative objects, is an enchanting activity for all ages.

The Lapidary Shop is run by the Oshkosh Earth Science Club, but Evergreen houses the workshop. Residents, club members, and the public are welcome to attend workshops to learn how to cut and finish stones, including how to shape, round, remove scratches and polish. The stones are then used to make jewelry, belt buckles, decorative objects and more.

Evergreen residents and their children are not charged, but Oshkosh Earth Science Club members pay $5 per session and non-members are charged $10 per person or $15 per family per session. Various classes include:

  • Jewelry making - setting the stone in a finding
  • Wire wrapping - wrapping silver or gold wire around the stone in fancy designs, such as curlycues
  • Silver fabricating - setting and soldering a stone in silver 
  • Beading - incorporating beads around stones
  • Casting - creating a mold from melted silver

Curious about the Lapidary Shop? Contact Ann Voges at (920) 725-1640, for more information.

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