Ageless Art Center

Create a work of art

The Ageless Art Center is a place to create art in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Weekly classes invite residents to explore the basics and experiment with many forms of art including drawing, painting and sculpture through a variety of media. These classes also provide the opportunity to study the masters and gather inspiration from other art forms, like music and theater.

From time to time, participants showcase their art in resident art shows which are open to all Evergreen residents, friends, family members and the Oshkosh community.

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In addition to providing the opportunity to express yourself and enjoy the company of others, the Ageless Art Center at Evergreen offers other benefits as well. Scientific research by Johanna Misey Boyer and the National Center for Creative Aging demonstrates that older adults who participate in art programs see a positive effect on physical and mental health. Their book, “Creativity Matters,” also references a study done by Dr. Cohen, Director of the Center on Aging, Health, and Humanities at George Washington University which indicated that people involved with an art class led by a professional teaching artist:

  • Used less medication
  • Had fewer doctor visits
  • Experienced elevated moods
  • Had increased levels of independent functioning where normally a decline would be expected
  • Did better on scales for depression, loneliness and morale
  • Exhibited involvement in an increased number of activities

One memorable art project was done with Evergreen residents a few years ago. Staff took photos of residents' hands and residents dictated a few lines about what those hands have done. The photos and words were framed and hung in displays around campus. One display still remains and is a touching reminder of some of the personal accomplishments by the hands of Evergreen residents.  

Evergreen's Ageless Art Center focuses on the process of creating rather than on the final piece. Classes are open to all residents and no experience is necessary. We invite you to stop by and participate today.

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