Learning in Retirement

Smart programs for sharp minds

Offered in conjunction with the nearby University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Learning in Retirement (LIR) is designed to challenge your mind and inspire curiosity through a series of classes and learning activities.

Provided to Evergreen residents at no cost, these programs are often held onsite at Evergreen.

From 2005 to spring of 2011, over 10,700 retirees registered for 167 LIR programs that were held right here at Evergreen! We continue to host programs that include topics of travel, history, literary reviews and other thought-provoking subjects. LIR and Evergreen also host cooking demonstrations, luncheon programs, and the following swim programs in the Evergreen Aquatic Center:

  • Joints in Motion
  • Light 'N Lively
  • Tai Chi

For more information on the National Learning in Retirement program or to become involved at Evergreen today, contact Linda Greene, (920) 237-2124. lgreene@EvergreenOshkosh.com.

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