Quality and Satisfaction

Focus on the Customer

Evergreen’s goal is to not only meet needs, but to exceed expectations whenever possible. Feedback in the form of formal surveys helps us measure our success.

Resident Satisfaction

In addition to day-to-day input, residents and families provide valuable feedback through written satisfaction surveys. This formal survey process helps us identify improvement opportunities, create plans to address immediate concerns quickly, and develop long-term solutions as necessary.


Employees have many opportunities to provide suggestions and implement changes. The annual Workforce Engagement Survey is one valuable source of staff feedback and suggestions for improvement in the work place.

Evergreen employees are rewarded and celebrated for their work through formal and informal methods of Employee Recognition

Concern Management System

Evergreen’s Concern Management System allows customers to freely and anonymously voice concerns and suggestions through a systematic process. Data is collected and analyzed, immediate concerns are addressed, and overall plans of improvement are developed.  

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