Choosing a Retirement Community

Advice from Sue Knobloch, Evergreen Marketing Coordinator

Why consider a retirement community?

  • Just for the fun of it! Simplify your life.
  • Let someone else manage the usual chores of home ownership.
  • Enjoy having the time to do the things you like most.
  • Live easier – fewer stairs, handier storage, security systems, services.
  • Secure your future in case you ever need assistance or health care.

What’s important to you?

  • Stay local, move near family, return to your roots, start a new adventure?
  • Metropolitan area, college town, small city, something in-between?
  • On the water, in the mountains, warm weather, change of seasons?
  • Close to shopping centers, theaters, libraries, museums, hospitals?
  • Near the golf course, good fishing spots, walking trails?
  • On-site services – dining venues, entertainment, health care, therapy?
  • For-profit, non-profit and/or Christian philosophy?

What opportunities do you want?

  • Educational and cultural – classes, presentations, lectures?
  • Fitness – equipment, pools, walking trails?
  • Volunteering – valued for your know-how and special talents?
  • Pets – can you bring yours?
  • Fun activities – for both men and women, for special interest groups?

Evaluating a community

What do your instincts tell you?

  • Your first impression?
  • Age and maintenance of buildings?
  • High-quality materials and workmanship?
  • Clean, attractive and inviting?
  • Grounds interesting and well-kept?


  • Buildings secured?
  • Safe sidewalks and driveways with good outdoor lighting?
  • Emergency response system for assistance?

The neighborhood

  • Traffic patterns and noise levels?
  • The view – water, nature, city streets, people, activity?


  • History of the facility?
  • Mission and vision of the organization?
  • Resident involvement in the organization?
  • Local, state, and national reputations?
  • Partnerships with schools, businesses, organizations?
  • Results of satisfaction surveys and state surveys?

Your new neighbors – talk to residents!

  • Backgrounds, interests, values similar to yours?
  • Good mix of men and women? Couples and singles?
  • Age range of residents?
  • What do residents say about the community?
  • Do residents look and act happy?

Cost considerations

  • Monthly fees? Extra charges?
  • Choice of payment options?
  • Charges fair and affordable for you?
  • Wait list? Usual waiting time?
  • Procedure for leaving the community?

Listen to your heart

  • How do you feel? How does your spouse feel?
  • Will you have the balance of community and independence that is right for you?

Plan ahead - Be pleasantly surprised to see the options that are available in retirement communities today!

Sue Knobloch is Evergreen's marketing coordinator. Talk with her about what to consider when choosing a retirement community or to take a tour of Evergreen's retirement living options. Call (920) 237-2125 or email

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